Periodontology deals with diseases of the supporting structures of the tooth (periodontium), gingiva, alveolar bone and ligaments that bind the tooth to the bone.

According to studies in Croatia, about 70% of the population is affected by periodontal disease. It usually appears in the thirties and is more common in men.

The most common causes of this disease are poor oral hygiene, lower immunity, genetic predisposition, stress and smoking.

Periodontal disease begins with the formation of bacteria filled dental plaque. Due to poor oral hygiene, dental plaque hardens into calculus and destroys the supporting tooth structures (periodonium).

It is an underlying disease that often without major symptoms can lead to loss of all tooth supporting structures and consequent to loss of teeth.

The course of periondontitis:

  • the accumulation of calculus which causes the second phase of periodontal disease, gingivitis
  • gingivitis (bacteria cause gum inflammation) – the gums are sore, painful and bleed, bad breath (halitosis) is noticeable
  • periodontitis, or penetration of bacteria into the connective tissue that binds the tooth to the bone
  • advanced periodontitis occurs is a final stage of periodontal disease, the destruction of the alveolar bone all supporting structures

Symptoms of early periodontal disease are mild and difficult to notice, so regular check-ups and good oral hygiene are important to prevent its development and progression.

Did you know periodontitis is the second main cause of tooth loss in adults, second only to dental caries. It is very likely that you are currently at some stage of periodontal disease, but are not aware because the disease does not have significant symptoms in the beginning!

Symptoms of periodontal disease are:

  • bleeding gums
  • swollen and sensitive gums
  • color of gums changes from pink to a purple-violet
  • inflammation and reddening of the gums and / or bad breath (halitosis)
  • puss discharge from dental pockets
  • loose teeth
  • receeding gums

Modern dentistry can stop the progression of periodontal disease.

At DCM, we use several different methods in stopping the progression of periodontal disease, the most interesting of which is PHOTODYNAMIC therapy; a laser is used to sterilize periodontal pockets and thus stops periodontal disease!

You can prevent or keep periodontal disease under contol with regular dental check-ups.

Good oral hygiene and professional cleanings are required every six months.

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