Aesthetic ceramic crowns

They say a beautiful smile opens all doors. A beautiful smile consists of harmoniously arranged white teeth. Ceramic crowns are used when teeth have suffered severe damage due to decay, trauma or when teeth are missing or are aesthetically unacceptable. Ceramic crowns can be used on natural teeth or on dental implants.

Due to loss or damage to the teeth, inevitably there is an interruption of the tooth sequence. Besides having serious consequences in terms of oral health and aesthetics, loss of teeth may have psychological consequences. Patients who are missing one or more teeth often laugh less in order to try and hide their smile, becoming insecure, and often unsettled.

Non-metallic dental crowns are the ultimate solution for repair and replacement of teeth that are missing because they best imitate the function and appearance of a natural tooth.

Ceramic dental crowns can compensate for damaged and lost teeth. Using them, we restore the function and aesthetics just like the teeth used to have.

With a positive effect on oral health, ceramic crowns have a positive effect on the patient’s psyche. They restore confidence, a person can smoothly laugh, function and have a much better quality of life.

Throughout history of dentistry, dental crowns has developed to the extent that they perfectly imitate natural teeth. Today, in modern dentistry, we use metal-ceramic crowns, zircon-ceramic crowns and IPS e.max crowns.

Metal-ceramic crowns – these dental crowns have been used for more than 65 years, there is a possibility that over time a part of  the metalic edge of the crown uncovers. (eg by receding gums, sharpening the ceramic crown). Metal ceramic crowns also do not allow light to pass through them(as natural teeth do), which ultimately gives them a limit to the aesthetic possibilities. Due to metallic alloys they can cause allergic reactions.

Zircon-ceramic crowns – are made with CAD-CAM machines in our clinic, which enables them to perfectly attach to the dental implant or preped tooth due to excellent precision of several microns. High precision of the cad cam machines is important so as not to develop caries under the crown. These crowns are extremely sturdy and can be used in any region of the oral cavity and have excellent aesthetic characteristics. They are biocompatible and the natural gums quickly accept them and they have hypoallergenic properties.

Zircon ceramic cutback crowns – they have all the excellent features of the zircon-ceramic crowns, but they are even tougher and more resistant than conventional zircon-ceramic crowns. As with conventional zircon ceramic crowns, they have excellent aesthetic features. They are biocompatible and also have hypoallergenic properties.

Ips e.max crowns – are used for the production of individual crowns and veneers in all regions of the oral cavity. They provide superior aesthetic results and their use is advantageous primarily in the frontal region and on natural healthy teeth. They are biocompatible and do not cause allergic reactions.

For the manufacture of prosthetic works of the finest aesthetics, strength and longevity, DCM uses zircon-ceramic crowns, zircon-ceramic Cutback crowns and e.max ceramics. The guarantee for all DCM’s prosthetic works is 5 years.

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