Dental implants

Dental implants have been used in Croatia for more than 40 years. They are substitute tooth roots used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are made of biocompatible titanium, and are not rejected by the body. They have a high percentage rate (95%) of successful osseointegration.

The word implant comes from two Latin words- from in-which means “the” and the words plantare- which means “to plant”. Dental implants, therefore, mean implanting titanium screws into the bone of the upper and lower jaws. Implants are placed into the jawbone in order to replace a missing tooth, hence its root.

Dental implants first started being used 30 years ago, after the accidental discovery that bone fused well with titanium (osseointegration). Since then, dental implants have rapidly developed into today’s modern form of dental implants.

Today, missing teeth represent a functional, aesthetic and social aspect. When a tooth is lost, the distribution of occlusal forces changes (teeth become overloaded), adjacent teeth start to incline towards the empty space, teeth from the opposing jaw grow into the empty space, the occlusal height is reduced, which can ultimately cause pain in the temporomandibular joint and change the profile of the face.

Chewing becomes more difficult. In places where there is tooth loss, bone level is reduced, even up to 25% of the bone volume within the first year, the facial profile changes, making a person look older.

You may be aware of the social and aesthetic aspects as well. Possibly your current smile is not appealing as it once was, and your instinctively you cover your teeth with your hand when you laugh.

Missing teeth can negatively affect your self-confidence and the way you interact with other people.

The dental implant itself is a small screw made of biocompatible titanium.  Following a detailed analysis of X-rays and careful planning, the implant is surgically embedded into the bone of the lower and / or upper jaw.  After a healing period (osseointegration), which lasts from three to six months, the implant is ready to support a crown, bridge abutment or denture anchor.

Implants can last a lifetime, which is largely dependent on regular maintenance. Therefore, regular brushing, using a Waterpik, dental floss, interdental brushes and mouthwash is important. Due to the fact that in our clinic, dental implants are placed solely by oral surgeons who specialize in implant dentistry, we can be proud of our 98% implant success rate.

Are you a candidate for dental implants?

Anyone who has lost a tooth is a potential candidate for dental implants. Only in rare cases, such as serious chronic diseases, is there a contraindication (e.g., large doses of radiation of the jawbone, cancer, etc.).

Decades of research have shown that dental implants are the most ideal way to replace lost teeth. Currently, there is no better solution for tooth replacement that will give you better aesthetic, functional and long-lasting results.

Reason for dental implants

  • replacing one or more missing teeth
  • replacing all teeth in one or both jaws
  • supporting dentures, bridges, crowns, All-on-6 and All-on-4 bridges
  • stopping the loss of bone tissue
  • restoring function and facilitating chewing
  • restoring aesthetics and self-confidence

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