Metal-ceramic crowns in Croatia

Dental crowns are the most commonly used prosthetic restoration in dental medicine. They can be used in all regions of the oral cavity. Dental crowns are used when one or more teeth are severely damaged due to caries or trauma, when teeth are missing or aesthetically unacceptable. They are placed on natural teeth or can be supported by dental implants.

Metal ceramic crowns are an excellent choice for when we need to restore teeth using a good quality and a financially acceptable solution.

Therefore, dental crowns may restore missing teeth, or prevent teeth from further decay or damage.

Indications for a dental crown

  • damage due to trauma
  • irregular shaped tooth
  • caries infection
  • aesthetically unaceptable tooth (displeasing)
  • missing teeth

If there is a total loss of tooth, we can restore the missing teeth with crowns supported by implants or by connecting more dental crowns into a bridge.

In modern dentistry, metal-ceramic crowns are slowly becoming outdated, whereas, the future lies in metal-free ceramics and full zirconia restorations (crowns, veneers). Patients choose metal-ceramic crowns because of their excellent price to quality ratio.

Although aesthetically speaking, they are not among the top in aesthetic dentistry, their physical properties are just as good.

Metal-ceramic crowns are ceramic crowns fused to a metal alloy base. Metal-ceramic crowns first started being made in 1950. In modern dentistry, they are slowly becoming outdated, but are still considered a good quality and an economically acceptable solution.  However, when compared to modern materials, they cannot achieve such high aesthetic levels.

To create prosthetic restorations of superior aesthetics, strength and durability, DCM uses zirconia-ceramic crowns, zirconia-ceramic cutback crowns and e.max ceramics. DCM gives a 5 year guarantee on all its prosthetic restorations.

With regular check-ups and good oral hygiene, metal-ceramic crowns are a long-term and economically acceptable solution. To reduce the costs of extensive oral rehabilitations, they can be used in combination with metal-free crowns.

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    After so many disappointments, so many unprofessional dentists, and high prices, I finally I found a great dentist.  A month before my wedding I decided to get veneers, I had a diastema. Everything was done at exactly on time, I am thrilled, my teeth look very natural and the prices are quite lower than at other private dentists. I could not believe that a dental practice could  have such a pleasant atmosphere, and do their job exceptionally well. Even though they’re not located near where I live, I will only go to DCM from now on. It’s worth it! I whole heartedly recommend them, really!  

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    Friendly, professional, and the best team of doctors and assistants. After changing many doctors, finally met someone who knows what he is doing. Nothing is impossible for them, they literally put back smiles on many faces. Many thanks and I recommend them to everyone!


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