Do you have bad teeth, crowns or bridges? Are your teeth destroyed due to dental caries? Do you have frequent inflammations leading to tooth necrosis or root-end periapical cysts? Have most of your teeth been lost due to periodontal disease? Do you wear removable dentures that are ill-fitting, cause irritation, are loose  and don’t allow you to eat normally? Have you been told that you are not a good candidate for implants or fixed bridges because you have severe bone loss and need bone augmentation procedures which are both expensive and time-consuming?  Have you lost hope of ever biting into an apple again? If you have found yourself in these descriptions, then an All-on-4 treatment concept might be the right solution for you!

The All-on-4 treatment concept is a relatively new method of rehabilitaion in Croatia, while it has been a successful treatment solution worldwide for 35 years.

Patients have recognized the All-on-4 concept as a good solution for their edentulous jaw.

Dental Center Miletić represents the future of implant treatment; the new All-on-4 method allows us to replace all missing teeth with 4 or 6 implants in just a few hours.

Dental Center Miletić is one of the few clinics in Croatia and surrounding areas that offers this advanced All-on-4 implant solution.

We use this method for patients who want a fixed prosthetic work, who are edentulous or their remaining teeth are in poor condition and must be removed.

It can also be used in cases where the patient has severe bone loss and does not want or is not a candidate for artificial bone augmentation (bone formation),  sinus lifts or similar procedures.

On the same day, just a few hours after implants are surgically placed, a patient receive their FIXED provisional bridge that will remain fixed on the newly placed implants until healing (osseointegration) is complete, about three to four months (if bone quality permits). After osseointegration, the All-on-4 treatment concept is completed with a fixed permanent screw-retained bridge supported by the existing implants.

The All-on-4 concept is a solution for both jaws!

What is All-on-4?

The All-on-4 concept is a revolutionary procedure that has been sucessfully used worldwide for 35 years. The All-on-4 concept allows patients to replace all their teeth with four dental implants per jaw within one day! The All-on-4 concept is considered to be one of the most important discoveries in dental medicine, alongside the invention of dental implants, for two reasons:

  1. Nearly everyone is a candidate for the All-on-4 concept, regardless of bone loss.
  2. A fixed bridge on the same day. Almost all patients receive a fixed provisional restoration within 24 hours of dental implant placements!

Four implants are positioned such that chewing forces are evenly distributed on the bridge and transferred onto the dental implants, very similar to how chairs function, probably like the one you are sitting on right now while reading this text!

This prevents bridges from bending and any damage to implants.

Since the back implants are placed at a 35-45 ° angle, the implants are fully surrounded by bone. This avoids the need for artificial bone grafts, which would have significantly increased the cost and prolonged treatment time.

The front two implants are placed straight into the patient’s bone without the need for artificial bone grafts.

Such implant placement allows us to immediately utilize the implants (load) with a FIXED provisional bridge!

Patients can eat and laugh normally within 24 hours of implant placement!

Advantages of the All-on-4 treatment concept

✔ the fastest solution for edentulous patients – patients receive a fixed provisional bridge within 24 hours!
✔ lower costs – we use fewer implants than conventional rehabilitation methods and there is no need for expensive bone augmentations
✔ reduced treatment time – in comparison to traditional implant treatment
✔ final restoration is a screw retained bridge  – The bridge is not cemented and can easily be repaired in case of damage
✔ simple hygiene and maintenance
✔ a long-term solution
✔ exceptional aesthetics and function

Why choose DCM for your future All-on-4 treatment concept?

✔ DCM PREMIUM QUALITY: DCM offers final prosthetic bridges for the All-on-4 concept in premium  PEEK + Solo Zirkonia / E-max crowns. This type of restoration offers unsurpassed aesthetics and function. Teeth look natural as each crown is made individually and bonded onto a PEEK framework. Patients choose the color and shape of their new teeth, allowing our patients to restore the smile they once had or always wanted.
We have a fully digitized All-on-4 final prosthetic restoration workflow.  All of our restorations are milled using CAD-CAM technology to ensure the best quality, function and aesthetics of our final restorations.
✔ DCM does NOT use acrylic teeth that change color over time, absorb odors and chip easily in its All-On-4 final restorations (95% of clinics use teeth for dentures in such procedures).
✔ TEETH WITHIN 24 HOURS: Fixed provisional teeth within 24 hours!
✔ MINIMAL RECOVERY: Post-operation recovery time is minimal!
✔ SAFETY: The All-on-4 treatment concept has been successfully used for over 30 years!

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