Dentures are one of the options for patients who have lost part or most of their natural teeth.  Partial or complete loss of teeth can be a consequence of periodontal disease or trauma.

It is often difficult for patients to accept the loss of teeth, primarily for aesthetic reasons. However, functional consequences which are a result of tooth loss are also very important and can even affect ones general health.

Partial tooth loss (partial edentulism) or the loss of all teeth (full edentulism) entails a range of complications that will occur if the patient does not replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Problems that may occur are:

  • pain in the TMJ (TMD pain – problems)
  • deterioration of the jaw – dental bone
  • resorption of dental bone
  • abnormal bite
  • lowering of the sinuses (loss of teeth in the upper jaw)
  • inability for placing dental implants (due to loss of bone)
  • gum recession
  • shifting, moving of the adjacent teeth
  • problems in speech

In order to avoid further complications due to partial or complete tooth loss, it is necessary to replace missing teeth as soon as possible.  A good quality and satisfactory solution for replacing missing teeth is dentures.

Dentures can be fixed, semi-fixed or removable, depending on the condition of the oral cavity.

A dentist, together with the patient, decides on which direction the future dental rehabilitation will develop.

Fixed dentures are prosthetic restorations placed in the patient’s mouth.  Dentures that are considered to be fixed dentures are those which the patient cannot remove without the assistance of a dentist. These are high-quality, long-lasting and reliable solutions.

Dental crowns can be used to make bridges to replace missing teeth in patients who are missing a few teeth.

Such patients can have a partial denture made that is attached to their natural teeth.

If the patient is fully edentulous and has enough bone, dental implants can be placed and used to support a fixed dental restoration.

Patients that are missing some or all their teeth, can have fixed, semi-fixed or removable dentures made.

Semi-fixed dentures can be supported by natural teeth or dental implants. They are used when the patient does not want extensive dental implant treatment,  or when due to lack of bone, the patient is not eligible for having more implants placed to support a fixed restoration. These dentures  can be removed for cleaning purposes.

Removable dentures can replace missing teeth in partial or complete tooth loss. Due to poor stability and durability, patients often have trouble adapting to removable dentures, but they are still  the most economically acceptable solution for restoring missing teeth.

To create prosthetic restoration of superior aesthetics, strength and durability,  DCM uses zirconia-ceramic crowns, zirconia-ceramic cutback crowns and e.max ceramics. The warranty on all prosthetic restorations made in DCM is 5 years.

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