Implant placement

Implant placement is a short, painless surgical procedure that is fully controlled by  the dentist. The procedure takes about 20 minutes, is performed under local anesthesia.

After an accurate medical history, diagnosis and planning the surgical procedure, the implants are placed into the jawbone.

The healing stage, i.e. osseointegration of implants (bone healing around the implant) lasts between 2-6 months.

After the period of osseointegration is complete, then comes shaping the gums around the abutment, which will be the connection between the implant and the future restoration.

The final step of the process is the fabrication of the prosthetic restoration (bridge or denture).

Dental implants can be placed in situations where one, multiple or all teeth are missing.

How are implants placed?

The procedure for placing implants:

  • first, a detailed medical history is taken and an orthopantomogram is analyzed for planning the positions of the future implants.
  • local anesthesia is administered to ensure the procedure is completely painless
  • when the anesthetic starts taking effect, the bone is exposed with small incision on the gums
  • using various drills at a low speed, a bone bed for the future implant is made
  • the implant is then screwed into the bone bed
  • the gums are returned to their original position and sutured
  • after the procedure, the patient is given detailed instructions on postoperative care and medication (antibiotics, mouthwash, analgetics…)
  • sutures are removed seven days later
  • The healing phase, i.e., osseointegration of implants (bone healing around the implant) lasts between 2-6 months depending on the surgical procedure. Certain procedures such as artificial bone grafting may extend the healing phase up to 6 months.
  • After the healing phase, a small incision is made on the implant site, the implant is exposed and so-called gingiva former is placed to shape the gums (abutment for shaping the gums). Shaping of the gums usually takes between 7-14 days.
  • After the gum shaping phase, an impression is taken and the permanent teeth are made within 7-10 days.

Depending on the situation, implants can be placed:

  • Immediately: the tooth is extracted and the implant is immediately placed during the same visit
  • Standard: tooth extraction, waiting two to three months to allow for bone healing, and then the implants are placed

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