Dental bridges

Bridges are fixed prosthetic solutions with which we replacing one or more missing teeth in a dental arch.

The loss of one or more teeth interrupts the dental arch, which has a negative effect on the patient’s oral health and aesthetics. Tooth loss can permanently damage the jaw joint (TMJ), disrupt occlusion, cause the displacement of adjacent teeth, lead to bone loss and have an adverse effect on the remaining teeth. Therefore, it is important to replace missing teeth as quickly as possible.

Modern dentistry offers several options for restoring an interrupted dental arch. The method of choice primarily depends on the patient’s situation and capabilities.

Bridges are three or more combined ceramic crowns that are placed onto two or more prepared natural teeth or on two or more dental implants, in order to bridge the gap of the missing tooth or teeth.

DCM uses Zirconia ceramic crowns, Zirconia ceramic cutback crowns and e.max ceramics to make prosthetic restoration of superior aesthetics, strength and durability. The guarantee for all prosthetic work done in DCM is 5 years.

When a dental arch is interrupted, it is important to seek treatment to replace the missing teeth as quickly as possible.

There are several ways to rehabilitate an interrupted dental arch.

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Bridges supported by natural teeth – in order to place a dental bridge, we have to grind down two adjacent natural teeth for the reason of replacing the one or more missing teeth. This is economically the most acceptable method of replacing missing teeth. The disadvantage of this procedure is that we need to grind down at least two intact natural teeth just to be able to replace one or more missing teeth, which certainly is not the best possible solution for the patient.

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Bridges supported by dental implants – If you are missing a single tooth from your dental arch, we can replace it with a dental implant, without having to grind down two adjacent intact healthy teeth. If you in missing three or more teeth from your dental arch, a bridge supported by dental implants is a better long-term solution for the patient in comparison to grinding down natural intact teeth.

After the dentist and the patient agree on the method of restoring the missing teeth, the dentist prepares the teeth, takes an impression and a bite registration, and sends it all to the dental laboratory where the crowns and bridges are made. The patient receives a high quality, individially made precise restoration for his/her situation.

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