Fillers, Botox and PRP


Botox is a fast, painless and a very effective treatment method in the battle against wrinkles. It effectively replaces classical surgical methods such as face-lifting of the upper and middle third of the face.

Botox is not poisonous, but a purified protein derived from the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum, which after a long-term clinical trial was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2002 as a treatment for a wrinkles.

The effect of botox is based on the fact that the neuro-muscular synapse prevents the transmission of nerve impulses from nerve fibers, leading to the inhibition of muscle contractions. This results in muscle relaxation and improved wrinkle appearance.

It is most commonly used to remove wrinkles between the eyes (“frown lines”), forehead wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes (“crows feet”).

Treatment should not be performed if there is an infection at the injection site, in cases of allergies to certain substances or if you have a neuro-muscular disorder (myasthenia gravis or Eaton Lambert syndrome).

Concurrent administration of botox with aminoglycoside antibiotics, spectinomycin, or other drugs that disrupt neuromuscular transmission is not recommended. Botox treatment is also not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The treatment itself is pleasant and takes about 30 minutes including all preparations.  Prior to the botox treatment, a topical anesthetic numbing cream is applied to the injection area and left for 15 minutes.

Results take about 10 days to be visible. The effects of botox will be noticeable for an average of 4 to 6 months, and after several treatments the effect may last longer. At least 3 months needs to pass in between treatments.

At DCM we only use the highest quality products – Vistabel by Allergan, which comes in 100 unit and 50 unit (“baby botox“) vials.

Possible side effects include hematomas (bruises) at the injection sites, which pass after a few days and are easily covered with mineral-based powders immediately after treatment.

After treatment, no alcohol should be consumed and exercise should be avoided for the next 24 hours. The treated area should not be touched nor should any cosmetic treatments be performed for a week. After botox treatment, it is not recommended to lie down (lying down position) for4 hours and sleeping on your back is also recommended. Saunas and tanning beds should be avoided for the next couple of days.

For detailed instructions or answers to your questions on botox, contact our dental clinic.


PRP is a safe method for achieving a fresh appearance and skin regeneration using materials that you will certainly not have an adverse reaction to. A patient’s own blood, or a purified and enriched part of the blood – plasma that is rich in platelets, stem cells and growth factors is used.

The goal of the procedure is to provide skin regeneration, greater elasticity, beautiful tonus and volume with natural materials (your blood). This procedure is intended for anyone who wants to naturally bring back a few years without using aggressive methods.

By injecting PRP, we give our own organism the opportunity to stimulate a series of consecutive reactions with the goal of regeneration: the creation of a new collagen, the stimulation of the differentiation and proliferation of stem cells, regaining volume, creating new blood vessels and accelerating metabolism, which brings more oxygen and the skin becomes brighter and appears more rested.

The first results become visible after ten days in the form of a more fresh appearance, while after twenty days the regeneration process begins where growth factors start the process of creating a new collagen and elastin.


No serious adverse events have been reported. Since your own blood is used there are no allergic reactions or transmission of diseases. Short-term swelling (due to injections) may occur and last a few days, the same with small hematomas (bruises) that can easily be covered with foundation. Most patients immediately return to their daily activities.


The duration of PRP results is individual – between 12 and 16 months. In order to extend the duration and the maximum effect, follow up treatments for “maintenance” are recommended every 6 to 12 months.


  • Individuals who want to freshen up their face in a completely natural way, and finally get a well-rested appearance and complexion!
  • Individuals who do not want aggressive rejuvenation methods or artificial materials!
  • Individuals who do not want it to be noticed that they had “some work “done
  • Younger individuals who preventively want to refresh their faces due to their modern lifestyle
  • Individuals with scars and pigmentations


  • If you are pregnant
  • Have and allergy on the topical anesthetic numbing cream used
  • Have hypertension
  • Have a blood clotting disorder and take medication to prevent clotting
  • Have a heart condition
  • Have and autoimmune disease
  • Have an acute or chronic illness
  • Have chronic liver disease
  • If an individual desires immediate results (for such candidates DCM offers botox and fillers)

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